Spinel - The Third Birthstone of August

Spinel -  The Third Birthstone of August

Peridot is the principal gemstone for August; however, the original birthstone was Sardonyx. Spinel was added as the third birthstone for August which gives August babies a plethora of choices owing it to its range of colors. 

Spinel closely resembles ruby and sapphire. Its distinguishing features from these stones are that it has an octahedral crystal structure and a single refraction. Spinel has also a lower Mohs hardness compared to ruby and sapphire. Spinel comes in a range of colors. The most sought after is the vivid red, cobalt blue, bright pink, and bright orange. The paler colors are more affordable than those that come in vivid bright colors.

The name Spinel roots from the Latin word spina meaning spine or thorn and from the Greek word for spark. The gemstone was first discovered during the medieval times by the Balascia and was first called as balas. Balascia or now known as Badakhshan, is a region in Afghanistan where a number of Spinel gems were found. The gem’s composition is of magnesium aluminum oxide.  

Many people believe that Spinel can renew energy, overcome difficult situations, and rejuvenation. It increases the positive energy that attracts success. Like Sardonyx, the varying colors of spinel have different uses and purpose.

         Blue Spinel – used for communication and channeling

         Brown Spinel – used for the cleansing of a person’s aura; this opens a connection to your physical body.

         Clear Spinel – for a higher communication and mysticism

         Green Spinel – used for love, compassion, and kindness

         Orange Spinel – used for creativity, intuition, balance in emotion and cures infertility

         Red Spinel – for greater strength and physical vitality

         Purple Spinel – for spiritual development and astral travel

         Yellow Spinel – for intellectual development and personal power.

Although it has a lower Mohs hardness than ruby and sapphire, it has a great durability that it can’t be easily destroyed. Spinel can also be found in many places like Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Russia, Australia, Italy, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sweden, Turkey, Ceylon, Thailand, New Jersey and New York.