Sardonyx - The Second Birthstone of August

Sardonyx -  The Second Birthstone of August

Another birthstone for the month of August is the Sardonyx. It is categorized as silica mineral, chalcedony. Sardonyx is a variation of the onyx stone. It has a banded appearance because of its layered tiny quartz fibers. The color of these layers is ranging from pellucid to hazy which makes the stone glow in white or gray or sometimes in various colors.

Its name was obtained from the Greek word sard and onyx which means reddish brown and veined gem. Sardonyx can be found in the United States, particularly in Oregon. It can also be found in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Uruguay, and Brazil.

This gemstone is well known during the old times because it is inexpensive and relatively easy to find making it available to many people.   

Sardonyx stone was known to have healing powers. It can help alleviate stress, heal lungs and bones, regulate fluids, encourage cell metabolism, and strengthens immunity.

Sardonyx comes in varied colors where each color come with additional attributes:

- Black sardonyx for negativity

- Brown sardonyx for energy

- Clear sardonyx for the system

- Red sardonyx for stimulating

- Blue sardonyx for communication

- Pink sardonyx for love

- Green sardonyx for health

Sardonyx is a symbol of strength and protection. It helps people have a meaningful existence in the society, stimulates integrity, and virtuous behavior. It attracts good friends and fortune. It is also suitable for couples because Sardonyx helps couples to have the happiness that lasts forever resulting in a strong and lasting marriage.